About the Granite Church

About the Granite Church

The Granite Church is a new community space in Georgetown, Connecticut. Housed in an inspiring historic church made of local granite, it offers a welcoming place to gather for meetings, workshops, rehearsals, performances, and to socialize. Our aim is to provide a beautiful space for community connection and artistic expression. In doing so, we improve the daily-ness of our lives and become a beacon to others, promoting economic growth and tourism from within.


The Granite Church exists for and because of community. Our purpose is to bring together the people and families around the Georgetown Historic District and surrounding towns in celebration of our shared history and to act as a gathering point to appreciate the arts and culture and one another. In doing so, we enrich the lives of our residents and strengthen the fabric that binds us together.

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As we help steward our storied community and its history, we also look forward to the growth of the Georgetown area. We envision ourselves as a hub around which businesses, civic organizations, and the community as a whole thrive – while honoring and maintaining what makes Georgetown a unique and historic destination in Connecticut.

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We believe that the arts are a conduit for free expression, storytelling and celebration. We encourage arts in all forms to infuse our community with vibrancy, provide a learning and expressive vehicle for our youth and bring joy to all who participate.

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By definition, a community gathering place can only be successful when all are welcome. To that end, the Granite Church is a venue where individuals and families of all ages, walks, beliefs, creeds, and perspectives are welcomed. We find strength through diversity and will strive to impart that value to all who enter our doors.

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We recognize the history and meaning of the Georgetown area as part of Connecticut’s industrial history and are honored to be among those entities responsible for carrying that mantle. As such, we will act as stewards of the church’s history and convey Georgetown’s unique sense of place through all we do.

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